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Notice—Things Change

Life is constantly changing. Moreover, no general discussion can incorporate all the specific facts of your particular situation. Consult an experienced organizational consultant for particular questions.


Élan Associates®


Increase your
Practical Understanding and Effective Control
Of Your Organization

We help resolve problems of:



•Inefficiency & Waste



•Stress & Conflict

•Legal Compliance



Élan Associates provides professional services:

•Personal Executive Consultation

•Preventative Legal Audits

•Consultation to Consultants

•Forensic Survey Research

•Organizational Diagnosis


•Organization Development

•Intergroup Problem-Solving

•Meeting Design & Facilitation

•MoneyLab Seminars


Practical Understanding and Effective Control

Élan (pronounced A-lan) means enthusiasm, style, and spirit. Élan Associates are professionals helping organizations, groups, and individuals identify, understand, and transform those forces reducing their enthusiasm and effectiveness. Helping clients to understand and effectively control their organizations, our practical, results-oriented approaches are embedded in a concern for long-run consequences as well as immediate problem resolution.

Supportive Honesty

We care enough to speak honestly,

Seek to be aware enough to speak kindly,

And skilled enough to speak persuasively.


Expert Viewpoint of Skilled Professionals

Élan offers the expert viewpoint of skilled professionals. Keeping informed of the leading edge of management and organizational knowledge, Élan combines the best modern approaches with traditional concerns for integrity, effectiveness, and the worth of the individual. With the organization as its client, Élan also remains sensitive to confidentiality, ethics, and the rights and responsibilities of each person. With the key executive as client, Élan consults with him or her, enlarging the perspective and understanding of the cultural, organizational, group, and individual forces which shape choices, tensions, and rewards.


Inquiry · Confrontation
Choice · Collaboration

Organization Development (OD) guides much of our work. Organization Development is based on behavioral science findings and theories. These stress the value-both for the organization and the individual-of inquiry, confrontation, choice and collaboration. OD helps organization members remove the barriers which limit their effectiveness.


Specific Goals:

•Reducing People Problems of Computerization

•Crating an open, problem-solving climate

•Supplementing the authority of status with that of competence

•Building trust

•Reducing inappropriate competition and fostering collaboration

•Locating decision-making and problem-solving responsibilities close to the information sources

•Increasing the sense of commitment to the organization and its objectives

•Developing reward systems which recognize both organizational and individual goals

•Increasing self-control and self-direction for organization members.


To find out how Élan Associates can help you with your organization, contact:

Daniel Kegan, President

Élan Associates

29 Kendal Drive

Kennett Square PA 19348-2323

daniel - at - keganlaw.com


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