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Life is constantly changing. Moreover, no general discussion can incorporate all the specific facts of your particular situation. Consult an experienced organizational consultant for particular questions.


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The Professional's Model

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Cadence helps everyone in your office do things the same correct way. Designed for the solo practitioner and small to medium firm using computers, Cadence integrates efficient computer techniques, traditional management approaches, and today's marketing concerns.

Computerization only helps if office systems are consistent and efficient. Cadence provides an easy organizational system for recording and retrieving the critical information necessary to smoothly operate your professional practice.

Cadence is several manuals on disk: Reference, Training, Temporary Employee, Staff Selection, Study Guides, Glossary, & more. With Cadence, you eliminate much keyboarding and have a customized office manual always current and available.

Cadence helps firms just starting to computerize, and fully automated firms-including Macintosh, Windows, Linux platforms. Cadence is available as a stand alone product, and is also integrated within Cudgel.

GreenLight thirty-day moneyback guarantees our products to work as we describe them.

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