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GreenLight® Software

GreenLight Gets You Going...
...Fast, Flexible & Friendly

Calendar, Client, and Case Control
From A to Z


CalendarEye® v7

Docket Control From A to Z® with Perspective


Gain perspective over your commitments. With CalendarEye you can flexibly organize and see who needs to do what when-whether today, this week, this month, this year, this decade, or beyond.

Integrated with GreenLight's Client Portrait and Cudgel, CalendarEye and the Helix relational database engine readily lets you see what you've done and what's left undone-by client, by attorney, by case, as well as by date.

CalendarEye supports the sole practitioner as well as the large firm with multiple supervision levels. Facilitates work flow management-when you can start a project, when you target completion, when your task is actually due, and grace periods, if available. Facilitates storage management with integrated file cull, close, and disposal options.

For each case and client matter, readily see your last and next required actions-for the firm and for each responsible person. Readily print client status reports.

Monitor and maintain government registrations and requirements-trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights, licenses, customs, more; designed for multiple venues from county to state to country. Integrated foreign exchange calculator.

Data Fields Include:





•Main Dates-File, Issue, Renewal, Lapse

•Main Numbers-Serial, Registration

•Title of Matter

•Trademark, Copyright, Patent

•Customs, Infringement, License

•Class/ Form-PTC

•Examiner's Name

•Licensees and Licensors

•Assignment History

•Last Major Action

•Next Expected Action

•Legal Deadline

•Key Historical Dates

•First Publication , Convention Priority

•Use/ Working Declarations

•Incontestable Trademarks, Renewals

•Extensions, Maintenance Fees/ Taxes

•Structure for Foreign Holidays

•Domestic & Foreign Deadlines and Exceptions

Other Features:

•Famous Helix Engine

•Flexible Reporting; Fixed and User Defined Sorts

•Open Architecture

   •    Concise Mapper™ Regional Summaries

   •    Integrated Form Letters, Multilingual Script Structure

   •    Rules Based Next Date Suggestions

•Relational Client-Server

•MultiUser Licenses Available

GreenLight thirty-day moneyback guarantee our products to work as we describe them. 

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