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GreenLight Gets You Going...
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Calendar, Client, and Case Control From A to Z®


These download files provide a full installation of Cudgel X Demo (45.703), updated for Helix 7.0.4 and macOS X (10.12, Sierra and above). Cudgel 7.0 has been developed, Cudgel 8.0 is expected to be released shortly.

Cudgel 7.0 already does a lot more than Cudgel 4.5, including revisions for the paperless and less-paper offices, and much more. The downloadable older Cudgel 4.5 Demo with CalendarEye and Client Portrait provides a detailed experience of the earlier parts of Cudgel, its relational logic, and its Calendar, Client, and Case Control From A to Z®. After download, unZip the compressed file Cudgel® Demo and the disk image Helix Engine.

  1. 1.Read Me- CudgelDemo-2018.rtf (164 KB)

  2. (36 MB)

  3. 3.Helix_Engine_704.dmg (11.1MB)

  4. 4.Cudgel-Extras-Reviews.pdf (454 KB)


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